Out With The Old And In With The New

Rob Stocki, CEO - GetWebMax.com is now Digital Promo Plus For Immediate Release:

GetWebMax.com is becoming Digital Promo Plus.

After decades in the Web Development business, having done work for the Public Sector, Private Sector, Not-For-Profit Sector, teaching courses and running seminars under the GetWebMax banner, we wanted a fresh new name and look that’s more indicative of what we do, and how we serve you, our customer.

We’re keeping our current 5/5 star business and simply changing the name.  We’re still in 3 continents and will continue to expand.

The digital advertising space has evolved.  Our clients need to remain at the forefront of customer acquisition, using cutting edge technologies that reach their goals.

Websites with the GetWebMax.com footers will be updated to reflect the change in our corporate identity.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers.  We’ll continue to serve you, but even better than before!

If you want shrewd solutions to your customer acquisition needs, start the conversation at Digital Promo Plus.

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About The Author

Rob Stocki CEO

Rob Stocki
Advertising Consultant

Rob Stocki has been involved in digital advertising since 1995.  

Rob has helped individuals and companies in the private sector, public sector and not-for-profit sector.  

His work spans three continents, having travelled in a consulting capacity within Canada and the United States, and places abroad including India, Israel, Japan, China and Vietnam.  

Rob continues to assist clients spanning in size from “mom-and-pop” shops to international public relations agencies.

If you want more customers or clients, all that’s necessary is the desire.

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