High Yield Targeting

High Yield Targeting

High-Yield Targeting

Digital Success Triad

There are three ingredients for hyper-success online.

They are:

  1. A Peak-Performance Website;
  2. Compelling Creative; and,
  3. High-Yield Targeting

All three work together to find and sell to your customers.

Targeting Is The Last Step

So you have an awesome website… 

You’ve put the effort into creating the compelling creative for your site and your ad campaign. 

Now, how do you effectively get more high-value clients and customers?


You deploy highly-targeted ads to ideal customers using the appropriate digital channels.  When the right people see your ads, the sales results are incredible.

Allow us to create the right combination and watch your advertising efforts soar.

The Right Combinations Save You A Lot Of Money

When you combine the power of a peak-performance website, compelling creative and high-yield targeting, you’ll increase your reach and dramatically lower your advertising costs.

Below are two examples of how your website, creative and targeting affect the cost and effectiveness of your advertising.  You’ll see a dramatic difference between what you’ll pay for ads when the ads are properly targeted, relevant and backed up with a Peak-Performance Website, vs campaigns deployed without the proper website infrastructure needed to focus on the desired audience.

Highly Optimized Ads (5.9%)

Cost Per Result $0.05

377 Leads = $18.85
$0.05 per lead

Unoptimized Ads (0.07%)

Cost Per Result $1.41

147 Leads = $207.27
$1.41 per lead

The “Takeaway” In This Example

With a highly optimized campaign, at $0.05 per lead, this example shows 377 hot leads, for $18.85.

With a poorly optimized campaign, leads are far more expensive.  At $1.41 per lead, this example shows 147 hot leads, for $207.27.  (Less than half the leads for 11 times the price.)  With a highly optimized campaign, that $207.27 could have turned into 4145 hot leads!

Think about the significance of these numbers when you’re reaching for hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of leads.

Make the choice that will give you more but cost you less.  Choose Digital Promo Plus for your digital advertising needs.

Oh, by the way, yes, these are real numbers from real campaigns.  If you want to witness the happiness of our customers who’ve tried our services, check out this testimonial.

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