Target Rich Advertising

Rob Stocki describing Target Rich Advertising

Target Rich advertising is different than traditional forms of advertising.

Traditional forms of advertising rely on bombarding as many people as possible with the same message and hoping to make a sale.

Target Rich Advertising doesn’t do that.

Target rich advertising is about advertising to a specific audience, using a specific message that speaks to that audience. By targeting the right audience with the right message, you dramatically increase the possibility of making a sale. And, you save money because you can focus advertising on prospects who have demonstrated interest in your products and services and are likely to buy. Yes, in advertising, the more people you target, the higher the cost of advertising, regardless of whether it’s traditional or Target Rich. Therefore you can dramatically increase the impact of your advertising by targeting the right audience with the right message.

Target Rich Advertising allows you to segment your audience into various groups to receive appropriate messaging. One example of many is new customers. New customers who don’t know a lot about your products and services should receive different advertising from those who already know and are loyal to your business. You can completely achieve this with Target Rich advertising.

Don’t needlessly burn your advertising dollars. Invest wisely and advertise using our Target Rich Advertising techniques. To get started, you can see your options on our Shop Page.

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